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Collection of fashionable scarves for women
“Travelling To Dream Land” by painter Alexandra Otieva

We are proud to present an exclusive and limited edition of silk scarves with unique personal design, based on watercolor paintings. The painter pays careful attention to the quality of scarves produced under «Alexandra Otieva. France» brand.
Alexandra Otieva is internationally renowned painter and gifted watercolorist of unmatched individuality.

Creating a collection of stylish scarves -“Travelling To Dream Land” - for women valuing chic,
elegant style and inimitable character. 

The scarves are hand stitched and manufactured along side such luxury silk designers as Salvatore Feragamo, Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, Bulgari, Furla, Carolina Herrera.

The gift package is immaculate! A distinctive feature of her collection is its exclusivity, as only 150 items of each design are produced. Spring – summer collection is made of silk, while the winter – autumn one is in silk and cashmere.

Depending on collection and design, the scarves are represented in the following sizes: 33x33cm, 53x53cm, 90х90cm, 120х120cm and 140х140cm.

Treat yourself and present these little masterpieces as a gift to your loved ones!

Every stylish scarf by Alexandra Otieva is a story of travelling to a dream land.

Dreams of relaxation, turquois sea, freedom and carefree happiness, set against the luxury of the Cote d'Azur and the sensuality of nature.

The colors on silk canvas come alive as if we are peeping into another reality and suddenly feel ourselves transported.

International celebrities are choosing the scarves designed by Alexandra Otieva!

Their choice is not occasional! Scarves by Alexandra Otieva are exclusive pieces of art, recognised alongside other internationally renowned brands!

Become a part of exclusive club!